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         Artificial Legs

Lower Extremity [Adult and Pediatric]

·         Pre-operative consultation

·         Immediate post-operative temporary/ interim prostheses

·         Exo skeletal

·         Endo skeletal

·         Safety Knee, Hydraulic Knee

·         Energy Storing feet

·         Ultra light designs

·         Flexible sockets

·         Silicone suspension sleeves

·         Knee and Hip disarticulation prostheses

·         Pediatric congenital limb absence, Dysmelia, Orthoprosthesis

Artificial Arm 

Upper Extremity [Adult and Pediatric]

·         Partial hand

·         Cosmetic prostheses

·         Conventional harness systems

·         Conventional hook devices

·         Static hands

·         Myoelectric Hands

·         Myoelectric Elbows

·         Specialty terminal devices

·         Shoulder prosthesis